You can donate money – large and small amounts will be put to immediate use

We urgently need money to be able to carry on our work. Donations can be made easily via The Paypal Button on our website or Facebook page.

Or if you prefer donations can be sent to ELAR, Unit 2, 5 Mitchells Close, Haddington, EH41 3NB

(you can make a general donation or specify what you want your money to be spent on)

It costs too much to send food donated in East Lothian down to the camps - Please donate even small amounts of money rather than donating heavy items.

Money raised can buy these items cheaply there – there is an Aldi and Lidl within a couple of miles of the Calais camp.  

What Your Money Can Buy

 If you or a group, you are linked to can donate £200 we can buy a frontier stove and accessories

We also need to raise £540 each month pay for sorting and storage spaces (£380), transport costs (£60) packing and supplies (£100 month)

Smaller donations of £10 - £50 can be used to buy items such as solar lights and battery packs, underwear, foil blankets and fire extinguishers - or put towards buying food to distribute in the camps

Each transport to Calais and Dunkirk costs around £2,000. This allows us to take down about 2 tons of donated goods with 3 volunteers who will stay for a week distributing aid and working in the camps preparing food, making up emergency aid packs and sorting donations.

You can donate items for us to transport down to the refugees

Please look at our Website and Facebook pages for your local drop off point and an up to date list of the items needed by refugees – as this changes all the time.

At the moment we need:

·       Warm and waterproof winter clothing – people are living outdoors and most are small/ medium sizes – any good winter gear you can pass on?

·       New underwear, packs of vests, pants and socks can be bought for a few pounds in most supermarkets – why not put one in your trolley and pass it on to us.

But remember that most people think first of children so we get more donations for them – it would be great if you could buy packs for men and women

·       Bikes for adults and children – we will give them to refugees in the camps as they have long distances to travel to get to shops and aid centres and we will give some to refugees arriving in the UK – they only have a small suitcase when they get here

·       Working TVs, laptops and PCs and other electrical goods to help the small number of refugees arriving in the UK to set up home

·       Fire extinguishers to help with the frequent tent fires

·       Old smart phones and chargers – to help refugees access the internet to keep in touch with relatives

·       Books that would help learn English – Arabic to English dictionaries are particularly useful

We are amazed at the many things that are donated – overwhelmed by the generosity and a bit perplexed about what to do with many donations.

The following is really of no use


·       War toys – we have received hand grenades and tanks – not great for traumatised kids fleeing war

·       Dirty, stained, torn clothing or items with missing buttons and broken zips – we do not have the resources to mend these

before passing on and the refugees living in camps certainly do not have access to a sewing kit

·       Worn and dirty underwear – we don’t like handling these and would never pass them on

·       Skimpy and provocative wear – we have received numerous thongs, suspender belts and other revealing items – we feel these would be inappropriate for the practicing Muslims and Christians that need help and would be no good to anyone living in the mud in winter.

·       Party dresses, summer wear, clothing that needs ironing or generally isn’t suitable for outdoor living and that includes stiletto heels!

We try our best to make the best use of donations and will be taking part in table sales and other events to try to sell them on

but some is only able to be sold to rag merchants – but all the money raised goes towards the cost of transporting the many great items down to the refugees.

Be a drop off point in your community


Have a look at our list of drop off points and get in touch if you are able to offer an additional drop off in your community.

Especially useful are shops or other buildings that are open most days and have an area where they can store bags of clothing and camping gear.

But in a small village collecting stuff in your garage would be just as useful. We can pick up donations regularly – either once a week at an agreed time

 or more often if needed.


Volunteer time


Do you have a few hours to spare – or even a bit more time that you can offer on a regular basis? We have lots of tasks that need to be done

 – collecting, sorting and packing donated goods, helping out at fundraising events. If so please get in touch, we can always find something for you to do

 and we will try to make it an enjoyable worthwhile experience for you.

Would you be interested in joining one of our convoys taking aid down to the camps? This is a big ask as it is both physically and emotionally challenging

 – but those who have been feel it is life changing and one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.


Volunteer skills


Do you have skills that we might need? Even a few hours from someone who is experienced in any aspect of running a business, transport logistics, fundraising, website development, marketing, running events, speaking French or Arabic, We would love to hear from you.

Are you a knitter or have other craft skills? Would you be willing to make hats, gloves, baby clothes – please let us know – these items are some of the most appreciated.